Minggu, April 06, 2014


Son : I want fried chicken. Coke. Ice cream.
Mom : Okay! I ask Dad to order all.
Son : Oh mum, I want something big.
Mom : Alright ... alright. Big is everything huh!?
Son :  Yay!

20 minutes after, Dad coming in with tray full of foods.
Son: Oh yeay! But I want something big!
Dad: What do you mean? Its all big. Large size fried chicken, coke.
Son : Nooooooo
Mom : What happen here?! What do you mean by big?
Son : That one.
Mom and Dad look shocking, and says : Big Oh.... Big.
Son looks so sad because he wants the big statue of the  restaurant mascot. While his parents try to get way, what should they do to get the statue.

Senin, Maret 31, 2014

Sunday Gym

Interview.At the gym, 8pm.
Miss A : "How was yoga?"
Miss B : "Taking soooo long to cope with new position."
Miss A: "Tread mill still best than yoga!"
Miss B: "Oh yeah? I think that bunch fried potato reward is highly recommended for next tread mill huh?!"
Miss A: "I was like running in the field for 30 laps sis! I need this!"
Miss B: " Hahaha that's why the created that tread mill the  fancy high-tech  field."

Minggu, Maret 23, 2014

Through the Screen

2012. Two humans. Facing different gadget. In different time zone. Somehow they heads to same way. Look for something new in life. Both never feel bored to be in long conversation.

Windows Girl : "I am interest to have further step in our relation."
Mac Man:"I feel the same."
Windows Girl feels speechless, knowing her taught for the last  three month is something for her. Not only she had feel her own interest to guy miles away from her, but also her decision to be able live forever with this guy. A guy that she in online forum.

The girl starting to remember at night, she had the best life surprises. She got fired from her job. She got debts in her financial problem. But somehow her heart ask her, why should she stay in job to another job but could not enjoy it with someone she loved.

"I should marry this guy" that sentence come in the middle her conversation with a best friend. A best friend who top rank as difficult to hang out with since she is super busy in life.
Go marry the guy. And pray to God, about your decision, said the best friend.

Mac Man: " I am coming to see you in December."
Windows Girl :" Whwaaaaat for?"
Mac Man: "Meet you in real. So I know who is my wife"
Windows Girl feels she can't be more than happier. But she is afraid about the people saying, the facebook friends who killing other, and lots of scams from" internet love settings "
Windows Girl : "Okay. Who will you bring in to see me?"
Mac Man :"My Mother"
Windows Girl knows that answer is certain proof the guy is not a scam. By heart, by praying and by feeling she is happy to be in love.

2013, Mac Man married the Windows Girl, in her country miles away from his home land.

Jumat, Maret 07, 2014

Selfie Selfish

In the corner in side the train, we found 5 girls. Same hair styles, same typical style and all laughing.
G: hey let's take photos!
H: right! It's nice background , see the empty ways in train?!
I: but we need someone to take the photos, it won't fit!
G,H,J,K,L  are all shouted her : Selfie!!!!

They all pose. Selfie was taken with phone. 
I : see  my hairs cropped!
GHJKL laughing and take another selfie. Again and again I could not have perfect look.

A man coming and willingly ask to take their photos. But he calmy pose with the girls and says..
" I am in the middle ok!" 

Minggu, Februari 23, 2014

Cheese !

At the coffee shop. The four kids are busy. One is holding camera. Two of them is directing. The last kid is looking very confuse to the whole bunch of people try to directing him.
"Over here !"
"Come on , smile on your face!"  Shout the other one. The last kid is looking very busy now. He is munching all the doughnuts and creamy.
"Omg! Look what you are doing!" A mother look angry. 
"Why you. Letting him eating whole cream? " Mother start grumpier.
The rest of the kids giggling. They just had the baby in video munching doughnut while saying "cheese.. Cheese".
Mother just realized never let her baby with teen seniors at home.

Selasa, Februari 18, 2014


A prince meet the most adorable princess. He asks her to walk along with him. But the princess refuses.
"I don't like publicity too much."
"I care for you. I  am happy to be with you."
"No. I could not do this."
"Well, shall we took secret for now?"
"Yes please."

A minute after they separately walking, the princess up dated her relation status,  from "single" in to  "engaged."

Rabu, Januari 29, 2014


Anabelle : "I cant. This is too short"
Briana : "Why?"
Anabelle : "Is not 29 centimeters."
Briana : "What ?! How long you need?!"
In sudden, Celia is interrupting : "What's goin on here in centimeters. New Movies? 5 CM movies?"
-------heres... the 5 cm movie BTW --------
Anabelle and Briana : "Nope!"
Celia : "Then?"
Anabelle: "Its just my pad dear.."
Oh girls and cycles..